How do I link my third-party email service like Mailchimp with my Coming Soon customer form?

Step 1: Locate the form action URL (Mailchimp,, Klaviyo)

  1. If you haven’t already, log into your Mailchimp account and create a mailing list for people to sign up for.
  2. Select the mailing list you’d like to use and go to “Signup forms” at the top.
  3. Select the “Embedded forms” option.

    Image of Mailchimp list signup forms

  4. You should now see a box (similar to the one below) for you to copy and paste the code. Inside this box, there is a section that starts with action=". The URL after it is the one you’ll want to copy.

    Image of Mailchimp signup form embed code

Step 2: Paste the form action URL

  1. In the Coming Soon app dashboard, select Newsletter, which will open a panel like the one shown below.

    Image of the Newsletter Coming Soon admin panel

  2. Paste the form URL copied from Mailchimp into the Form action URL (Mailchimp,, Klaviyo) field.

Step 3: Enable the newsletter

  1. On the same screen as above, check the box next to Show newsletter? and save your changes.
  2. Your third-party email service should now receive the email addresses from Coming Soon!